Needing Mr Toads Wild Ride

Another cut and paste job. As if I am actually going to write something, douchebags.

I don’t know about you but I think this chick needs a good hard ass fucking. And no links for you damned dickbeaters.

I want to suck cock so bad tonight! It’s like a craving. I just want to feel a nice smooth cock head sliding across my lips. I want to run my tongue up and down the long hard shaft and work that baby till it gives me what I’m begging for, a nice hot creamy mouthful of cum. Not that much to ask for is it? I was looking at all the hot cocks on my new link over on my side bar and it was making me very hungry. Now I think I’ll go visit my own cock collection and pull out the big dildo and fuck myself silly looking at those nice hard cocks that you are are sweet enough to send me. I just love it when you all send me pics of your cocks!!! It’s my favorite kind of email! Now imagine this look if I were to wrap my lips around your nice big hard cock:

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