It cheeses me off to no end to come across a blog that leaves me wondering just what the fuck the blogger is saying. An occasional shortened spelling or the use of chatroom lingo and abbreviations is acceptable. But when someone does a whole post chatting like an asshat, I would love to have the opportunity to pimp slap the blogger into the middle of next week. Here is a cut and paste example and again no links because if you can understand this asshat then you seriously need to invest in a real life.

after mayfen went offline, i smsed xueli.. *1min later* 3msgs received. Lynda, Mayfen and Xueli. wooh, busy busy… ass lar, my sms alrdy overshot ler. Zzz.. pretend i slp ler, dun reply. =X sister woke me up from my hectic life, and reminded me of my poly registration! omg, i haven’t fill up the forms. hope God’s helping me with the admin, somehow filling in the admin forms seem more difficult than studying for my ss test. so many instructions, i read until i blur diao lor.. haiz..sian sian, still hafta pack up my room, take a look at how messy it is, and u wun wanna do it alrdy. lol, i just dunno where to start, so here i am blogging.sister and i are being lame, chatting thru msn when we’re just about 5-10 steps away frm each other. lol, life rocks wif my sis with a wireless connection at home. (:

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  1. it spells yucks!

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