One Sign That You Work Behind A Monitor Too Much

I came across a line in a blog that made me really wonder about the sanity of certain members of today’s workforce. Here it is and if a thought like this goes through your head then here is Pure Evyl’s cure. Go out, get liquored up, and get laid.

 I amaze myself sometimes. Today I made a mental note that I needed more yogurt (which happens a lot, actually. I go through a liter every three days on average.). My brain has created a little excel spreadsheet…

29 Responses to “One Sign That You Work Behind A Monitor Too Much”

  1. So your just to here to bitch?

  2. Actually I am here to read witty comments. Why don't you leave one next time?

  3. Sounds like that dumb bitch needs some man yogurt.

  4. Actually the author was a man. Perhaps he has been eating too much man yogurt.

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