Grammer Nazi Hell

I try really hard not to be a Grammer Nazi. At times it is really trying. Here are a few examples of cut and paste grammatical mistakes that make my inner demon want to scream.

After looking at my Blog as a whole, I really feel I progressed a lot!, i feel my grammar has improved,…

You really think so!

i was recently pondering this very question. i was at dinner and there was someone across from me that i really couldn’t stand to be near. every word out of his mouth got me closer to wanting to punch him in the face. he was just really arrogant. but i never got the chance to tell him how i felt about him. how should i have done this? after thinking about for a while, i decided a swift kick in the balls would do the trick. unfortunatley (and fortunatley), i left the table before i could do it. maybe next time, instead of going for the hand shake, i’ll introduce my foot to his groin. i feel better now.

Would it kill you to hit the shift key once in a while?

And daily visits.I’m just saying.It has been the momma can you do this, momma can you make this, momma I said you would come with my class to this, kind of week.

And I did. I went, I baked, I field tripped.

And I had big plans for today.

Today it was all about me. Marc was at work, the girls were at school, Logan had his last day at daycare.

It was my last chance for the entire summer to have some (almost) me time.

It was going to be just Faith and me.

All alone, quiet time.

Nap time.


I do not think that she understands the whole theory of paragraphs. I suppose that it is hard to be both boring and grammatically correct at the same time.

9 Responses to “Grammer Nazi Hell”

  1. People who make regular grammar mistakes bug me to. I always wonder how people made it through school with not one teacher realizing and fixing the obvious problem.

  2. Everyone makes small mistakes every now and then. It is when it seems that a post is packed with errors that it bothers me. It is like the author has no desire to actually understand what they have written.

  3. Interesting blog, by the world class abuse that you offer in your sidebar I suspect you have some anger issues. You might consider a career as a drill seargent. Mick

  4. So you like the sidebar, Rock Watching. Thanks for the career advice but I am just trying to hang in there long enough for old age to kick in and start my next career as a Wal-Mart Greeter. ” Want a fucking basket.” I think I have it down pat.

  5. i am a bit of a grammer nazi, especially after reading “eats shoots and leaves” but, i often choose to ignore the rules i expect everyone else to live by….it’s my way….

  6. Except for the odd habit of no capitalization, you have a remarkable aptitude for grammer. I suppose that is a method and not just a lack of attention.

  7. My general rule is, if they don’t care enough to make the writing comprehensible, they’re more interested in talking than being heard.

    I try not to be a grammar-Nazi, but I definitely lose respect for writing that can’t be easily understood due to spelling and grammatical errors.

  8. Arkay, I completely agree with you. It is as if it is a private conversation to themselves and therefore they don’t care if anyone can read their drivel.

  9. god, now i see what you mean. would it have killed her to use the space bar? even once?? god!

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