Blogspot Sucks

My other blog is on blogspot. Blogspot has been a complete piece of shit for the past two days. I am seriously considering getting my own domain for one of my other blogs. That way I could have one on my own domain, one on wordpress, and one on blogspot. Maybe that way I could cover the whole blogosphere with my brilliance.

4 Responses to “Blogspot Sucks”

  1. Blogger is being a serious BITCH for the past 3 days for me! The blogosphere would be best covered by your brillance.

  2. Perhaps you should switch to WordPress on your not so sweety blog. The only drawbacks are standard templates and posting pictures are a hassle. But I have noticed that you rarely post pics and use a standard template. It might be worth a thought. WordPress also has a handy import feature for your posts and your comments. And the world should not be deprived of your sheer genius.

  3. i definately thought about getting my own domain so i dont’ have to deal with the crappiness that is blogger…and your brilliance should be seen on blogs, radio, tv, podcasts, and perhaps even a few billboards and possibly inside some beerbottle caps, like the rebus puzzles on the inside of mickey’s big mouth beer or something….

  4. Mickeys Big Mouth beer would be perfect for me. And I would seem more intelligent with each bottle.

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