A Bad Little Dream

I seldom mention my dreams for the truth is most of the time, I have very little remembrance of them in the morning. But last night I had one that is hard to forget. In real life I am not adopted but in my dream last night, I met my birth parents.

They were bi-sexual midgets. I met them and their gay lovers. We went out to eat at McDonalds. I had the Double Quarter Pounder with Cheese Combo Meal while they had Happy Meals.

 I bet a dream anylizer would have a fucking field day with that one.

10 Responses to “A Bad Little Dream”

  1. That is a interesting dream to say the least. I would love to hear the anaylsis! I wish my dreams were that normal though!

    Did your parents drive away in their new cars from their Happy Meals?

  2. Maybe it’s just a repressed memory.

  3. Jezebel, if that seems like a normal dream, I would wake up with the cold shivers with yours.

    Anonymous City Girl, repressed memories of gay midgets. Cool, maybe I should check into that. Are you speaking of personal experience?

  4. I perfer the straight midgets… hot.

  5. They are the right size to get busy without having to go to their knees that is a big plus.

  6. plus they have big cocks… maybe it’s just the perspective…hmmmm…

  7. They are also highly portable. I think that everyone should own a midget sex slave.

  8. I thought I loved you. Now I’m sure.

    Thank you. Now I think that I am in love with you. Or is it just a deep seated lust? I wonder if I would know the difference? – Pure Evyl

  9. LOL – this reminds of that weird show from a long time ago, Twin Peaks. Did you ever see it? All the stuff with the midgets and dreams. And the ‘damn fine pie’ lines. Loved it.

    Evyl, you’re an original!

    Thank you, WC, it’s good not to be a run of the mill psycho. – Pure Evyl

  10. Were you by any chance drinking tequila before bed?
    The stuff seriously messes with my rem cycle…


    I was completely sober. Maybe that was the problem. – Pure Evyl

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