How About A Gummer?

I just saw a commercial for Fixodent Complete with an old man and his old lady getting jiggy with it in the back of a limo. I would think that the old man wouldn’t want his old lady using a strong denture adhesive. He is already having to wait for the Viagra to kick in why should he want to wait for the denture adhesive to wear out so he can have a no-denture adventure?

3 Responses to “How About A Gummer?”

  1. no-denture adventure
    I LUV IT!!!

     I luv it as well. ;

    Pure Evyl

  2. guys don’t like a little teeth in their blow jobs???

    Not Really. Glad I can be here for dating tips.

    Pure Evyl

  3. Ah, more than one writer (including Hemingway, I believe) has extolled the most exquisite virtue of the toothless crone. On the other hand, my most ardent belief that if used correctly, a man will beg for the teeth. That’s only MY observation. You may have had a different experience.

    I believe a horrible toothy experience was the cause of Hemingways demise. – Pure Evyl

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