A New Voice

I was watching ‘Most Evil’ on The Discovery Channel. The program centers around some headshrinker who has come up with a rating system to gauge the evilness of serial killers in numbers from One to Twenty-Two. To me it seems a bit useless. Once you reach the status of mass murderer, why quibble over numbers. But the headshrinker gave a pretty good presentation.

Ted Bundy received a 17 and Gary Ridgeway, The Green River Killer, received an 18 but leave it to my good old home-state of Texas to have incarcerated Tommy Lynn Sells. Tommy Lynn has reached the pinnacle of evilness with a 22. He received this number for his indiscriminate killing; men, women, children, it didn’t matter to Tommy Lynn. He was equal opportunity to the core. He also was not hooked on any particular method of killing. He killed with guns and he killed with knives. What struck me most in the interview was when asked if he preferred knives or guns, with a totally straight face he stated, ‘Guns are dangerous.’

 Like a bolt of lightening it struck me. This should be the voice of the new Democratic Party. Pelosi and her cohorts should jump on this guy quick. The reasons are many.

1. ‘Guns are dangerous.’ What a simple and brilliant slogan for the anti-gun establishment and who would know better than someone well acquainted with death.

2. Tommy Lynn is inclusive. He does not pander to one sect of the population. He wouldn’t mind killing us all.

3. Tommy Lynn is from Texas. What better way to break into the base of red state power than by using a man from GW’s home?

Of course he cannot run for any office, or go off stumping on the campaign trail. But he could be videotaped to be broadcast to spread their word. I would imagine that with a little bit of Hollywood production, he could make an awesome video for use in the Democratic Presidential Convention.

I think that I will shoot off an e-mail to Howard Dean. He could use Tommy Lynn as a voice of reason.

3 Responses to “A New Voice”

  1. I think you’ve pegged it there – and as far as I’m concerned, hiring a serial killer as spokesman would be a vast improvement over the usual array of insufferable cunts the DNC usually trots out.

    And he is a lot cuter than Ann Richards. – Pure Evyl

  2. I am intrigued by this show. Gonna have to catch it in a rerun.

    It is a very good program. The doctor has even figured out the difference in the brain wave output in psychopaths. He has tested convicts and students. I wonder if he has ever picked some undiagnosed subject and after looking at the results found a serial killer in the making and had one of those ‘Oh My God’ moments. – Pure Evyl

  3. Writer-Chick Says:

    Great assessment! I think you could help How-weird Dean with marketing the DNC. Love it!

    Another plus for the Democratic Party is that he would work cheap. A twenty minute spot would probably cost no more than a couple of packs of smokes. – Pure Evyl

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