Feed Me Seymore

Everywhere I turn people are whining about how they have outlawed feeding the homeless in public parks. “Oh These People are going to starve”, “Can’t we be good Christians to these poor souls.”

Give me a fucking break. Since when did public parks become the wine and dine al fresco spot du jour for bums. I always thought that public parks were intended as a place for people that paid the taxes that built the parks to be able to go and relax in a semi-natural surrounding.

Sounds like a good plan to get rid of vagrants and cause them to go out and get real help and not sit around waiting for handouts and maybe reduce crime. Stupid Ass Me. 

2 Responses to “Feed Me Seymore”

  1. I had not heard of this. I do not see what the big deal is feeding the homeless if you want too. I guess it must be a big thing in some areas for them to actually outlaw it. But I agree that the park is not a place for handouts. It is a place for the rest of us to enjoy without feeling obligated.

    I suppose that the powers that be in Las Vegas subscribe to the stray cat theory. If you keep feeding them then they are just going to keep hanging out and pissing on your potted plants. – Pure Evyl

  2. What they NEED to do is set up the homeless feeding in the median between the opposite lanes of a very busy interstate highway. I lived in lofts in a run-down “industrial” area of Dallas for about 11 years, and I got so sick of the foam containers the homeless left all over the place after some do-good paving-the-road-to-hell church group came and set up a feedline in the empty lot next to my property. I had to watch my dog like a hawk, too, because they would throw chicken bones onto our property. Bitches.

    The good intentions crowd seem rarely to think of the consequences of their do gooding. They seem to be most concerned with the feel good buzz from their misguided actions. If they are going to do it anyway, they should do it at their own homes and churches and clean up their own mess for awhile and then we shall see if their do-gooding continues. – Pure Evyl

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