Elitist Bastards?

I find it strange when bloggers on blogspot choose to not allow anonymous commenters or users from different platforms whether it be their own domain or something like wordpress or typepad. They seem to be saying that their free service is somehow more elitist than other blog spaces.

With that out of the way, I will comment now to a blogspot blog. Tool fucking sucks. Get that fucking autoplay bullshit off of your stupid ass blog. No One and I repeat NO ONE wants to listen to twenty minutes of some douchebag repeating over and over again that the fucking pieces fucking fit!!! We get it already so just give it a damned rest chicken fucker!!!

2 Responses to “Elitist Bastards?”

  1. U tell ’em!
    I hate when it is LATE at night, (early morning actually) and I’m surfin the blogsphere…..
    U hit someone’s site, U’r reading,
    …and all of a sudden…
    Music comes blasting on cuz U’r speakers R turned up!
    AUGH!!! U should C me jump!

    Why do you jiggle? 😉 – Pure Evyl

  2. I hate blogs that play music. It always starts a few seconds after I am into reading their post. It always makes me jump no matter how many times I have been there before I always forget. Yeah I am a scaredy cat. I fucking hate it!

    If I am used to it then I know to make sure and hit stop before it stops playing if it is something that is going to suck. But I wish that the bloggers would give a person a choice if they want to listen to it or not. – Pure Evyl

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