Bugger Boy Bands

Lance Bass of the defunct boy band, ‘N Sync, recently came out of the closet and admitted that he was in a secure homosexual relationship. Big damned shocker there. It is nearly as surprising as Ellen’s admission a few years ago. It doesn’t take a highly tuned gaydar to figure those two out.

I just wonder when the rest of those old boy band members will come out of the closet. Maybe they can come up with a new reality show. ‘Boys On Boys: The Making Out Of The Bands.’

2 Responses to “Bugger Boy Bands”

  1. I am literally laughing my ass off! When I left my last comment I had just read the headline and I asked what you thought of Lance being gay. But I took it out at the last second.

    I would only be surprised if he was not gay.

    I wonder if Lance’s significant other has a tee shirt that read’s ‘Lance’s Ass.’ – Pure Evyl

  2. I’m just happy he finally admitted it! It was obvious to the rest of us!

    Now I am just wondering when it will be announced that this is why wonder couple Britney and Justin didn’t make it. – Pure Evyl

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