Fuck Off And Die

Every day is is a fuck off and die here at ‘From Evyl’. But I can’t resist a good rant so I will just jump the hell on this bandwagon. The originator of this site and this philosophy on blogging states to save it up until Thursday and let it rip. There is too much fucked up shit to bottle it up for one day but here goes a little venom.

Fuck Off And Die to the chicken shit mother fuckers that I rant about every fucking day. 

2 Responses to “Fuck Off And Die”

  1. Ha! I second that!!!

    Starbender, I saw that a chickenshit terrorist sympathizer has been plaguing your site. Don’t let the bastard get you down. – Pure Evyl

  2. You rule FOAD everyday!

    From one evil to another, I thank you for that. – Pure Evyl

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