So You Want To Be Hero

The old Foreigner tune, Juke Box Hero, came on the radio and I wondered just what artists now aspire to now that the age of the Juke Box is dead. Do they aspire to be a Ring Tone on umpteen jillion cellphones. That would be one sad dream. To be the voice of annoyance for everyone that has to listen to the pimply faced twits who are addicted to their damn cutesy ass cell phones with their hip ring tones and clever background wallpaper and their taking crappy assed cameras that take crappy assed pictures that they broadcast over their chickenshit MySpace page whining for fake cyber friends who are actually fat assed old pervs.

Ring Tone Hero’s, that just makes me sick. I have to go and scratch my nutsack.

3 Responses to “So You Want To Be Hero”

  1. I hate cell phones and I hate those people that feel they have to download the lastest cell phone jingle. A phone should sound like a phone damnit!

    My thoughts exactly! – Pure Evyl

  2. Well not to stand out here, but when my phone rings, it’s Audioslave’s “Show Me How to Live” intro. Then as one of my friend’s ringer, I have the Star Wars theme. There are others but nothing trendy.

    Well I suppose Star Wars is better than some bozo singing about their damn hump. – Pure Evyl

  3. You and I must ride a train into Boston some Saturday.
    We wear all black clothes and sunglasses and intimidate the fuck out of anyone talking on their cell phone.
    This is a great rant, PE and one that I could have written myself.


    Keep fighting the good fight. – Pure Evyl

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