Maybe She Should Stick To Gatorade

A couple of days ago I wondered if Lindsay Lohan’s heat exhaustion was due to needing something to eat but now it appears it was something she drank.

The Smoking uncovered a letter from a disgruntled suit about her actions on the set caused by excessive late night partying.  

Click here for the letter.

2 Responses to “Maybe She Should Stick To Gatorade”

  1. It is official that Lindsay is a drunk party bitch. But we already knew. I am so sick of her and all the other Hollywood “it” girls.

    Evidently so are their bosses. – Pure Evyl

  2. A gunshot to the brainstem oughta do it.
    I can already feel the nation’s IQ going up.
    This girl is a vacuous, egotistical and monolithic piece of doggieshit.
    The best part of Linds dripped down her mother’s leg and onto the back carseat.
    What a waste of good skin…


    And now the news is that her mommy is mad at the suit. How dare they pick on her precious when she was soo ill? – Pure Evyl

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