Weekly Search Term Roundup

This shit always kill me. Here are a few of the things people have typed into search engines to find their way here.

  • mouthful of cum
  • own a midget
  • hezbolluh pussies
  • olsen twins in hell
  • tommy nutsack
  • Why should I give a fuck about stupid ass
  • fucking haiku
  • how to feel feminine
  • Tool fucking sucks
  • lickers and suckers
  • 1 4 fuck
  • + fuck off
  • fucking ring tones

Again I am humbled to be there for all of these people. Now I must go scratch my nutsack.

4 Responses to “Weekly Search Term Roundup”

  1. Damn it is scary living in this world. You know we are in the grocery line with these people.

    You must be so proud;)

    You better believe it. – Pure Evyl

  2. What the fuck is Tommy Nutsack? I’m not searching it!!

    I think that he is a member of the Gay Mafia known as the Purple Thong Gang. – Pure Evyl

  3. I had someone hit me using the phrase “fat naked chicks in bikinis”… Ooookay.
    I think scratching your nutsack as much as you do brings you some strange and unique hits.
    Thank God you’re here for us freaks, Evyl. 😉


    I am often amazed at the awe inspiring phrases that some people search for. Maybe I should start writing posts based on some of these search phrases. – Pure Evyl

  4. I’m very fond of the term “Tommy Nutsack”.
    I wonder if he’s any relation to “Tommy Pullmyfinger”?


    They are close relatives. Only a taint away from each other. – Pure Evyl

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