Last week I linked to the FOAD links site. Since they in their infinite wisdom decided not to link back to me or some of my friends. The FOAD site can lick my hairy nutsack and Fuck Off And Die!!! Do not click here or you will see a bunch of elitest fuckbubbles.

3 Responses to “FOAD FOADers”

  1. Shit! Getting rejected by FOAD is fucked up!

    It does add a little insult to injury, but such is life. Full of douchebags to rant about. Without them life would be very boring. – Pure Evyl

  2. Ha! They surely can F O A D—
    What-they thought they had exclusive rights or some S#%T?!?!?!
    There R quite a few people (over 100) doin this—
    If they can’t get it 2-gether….
    we can come up with something——-

    I would be totally behind a true web ring and not an elitest organization. – Pure Evyl

  3. Fuckbubbles…hmm, I like that.
    I now have a great new term for conversation.
    Thanks, Evyl.


    Just trying to do my part for making vocabulary more colorful. – Pure Evyl

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