Mascot From Hell

Poor beleagered Maurice Clarett, my heart bleeds for this guy. After achieving greatness by helping OSU win the National Championship, the next year Ohio State had the nerve to suspend him for falsifying a police report. After that he was robbed of his right to special privileges by not being able to enter the NFL draft but not until the nine robed grinches wouldn’t give him a break. The next year the Denver Broncos cut him in pre-season due to a bad work ethic and off field antics. Can’t they just give the poor guy a break.

 Now adding insult to injury, poor Maurice has been arrested again. Sure he had a loaded arsenal of semi-automatic handguns and a fully loaded AK-47 in the front seat, and sure he didn’t pull over until the police spiked his tires, and sure he was hard to bring down with his bullet proof vest on, and sure he was only a few blocks from the woman that was to testify against him next week, but he was just trying out to be the mascot/player of his new semi-pro team, The Mahoning Valley Hitmen located in Youngstown. I am thinking it shows initiative on his part. Do you think he will get a break this time?

  •  Click here for the Yahoo News Story
  •  Click here for a Youngstown Bloggers view.

2 Responses to “Mascot From Hell”

  1. Doubt it. If he had nothing to hide, he would have stopped.

    And what’s with the bullet proof vest, I am thinking that they need to do some psychiatric evaluations. – Pure Evyl

  2. For eveyones safety I sure as hell hope not!

    And did you get a load of that football uniform. I guess he is ready to make another remake of ‘The Longest Yard.’ – Pure Evyl

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