Kiss My Ass Tours

Dimwitted Tourists are getting the tour of their life thanks to an indigenous community in Mexico. These good folks are offering the extreme sport of illegal immigrant crossing for fifteen bucks. The tour comes complete with such realistic touches as fleeing from the border patrol.

These tour guides know of what they speak. It is reported that 90% of the community of 2,500 people have made the real illegal crossing. They are promoting the tour as a way of building empathy for their plight.

I hope it works and that they are able to fleece these do-gooding numbnuts and these folks stay the fuck home.

Story here.

One Response to “Kiss My Ass Tours”

  1. I read about this one. Jeez, do you get the feeling that maybe our compadres are making fun of us? They’ll probably turn it into a reality tv show.

    I think border patrol for a day might be a reality show that I would want to participate in. Especcially if hosted by Chuck Norris. – Pure Evyl

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