Now That’s Artistic Value

A Louisiana judge has ruled a new law banning violent video games for minors unconstitutional. The Judge ruled that it violates free speech rights and is unenforcable. The law would have banned a video game if the average adult viewed the game as being in the morbid interest in violence and lacked artistic, political, or scientific value.

I don’t know much about what scientific values would mean in Louisiana but on the political issue, I haven’t seen many game titles on the dealings of the Long Family or the political wrangling after the state was bitch slapped by Katrina. Both seem to lend themselves to a superior political game. But it really makes me wonder what is considered artistic value in Louisiana besides Jazz and flashing tits for beads.

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One Response to “Now That’s Artistic Value”

  1. I dunno, Evyl – Maybe Ray Nagin’s stupid-ass speeches are considered ‘artistic’ property in Loosianna? His most recent pearl of insight was a saying something to the effect of calling Ground Zero a ‘hole in the ground’ Apparently in defense of why they haven’t done jack to get N’orleans back in shape. What a guy. Chocolate anyone?

    But he did get two thumbs up on his Spike movie role. – Pure Evyl

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