You Learn Something New Every Day

In the Philippines, thousands of inmates are shaving their heads and donating the hair to use in mopping up the countries largest oil spill.

Maybe this explains Courtney Love’s hairdo. She is just environmentally conscious. Either that or she is just a greasy headed bitch. I guess that I can give her the benifit of doubt.

Click here for the story.

2 Responses to “You Learn Something New Every Day”

  1. Sorry, but that is the damn stupidest idea I ever heard of. Collecting hair to clean up an oil spill? Leave it green peace to value anything over human beings. Apparently we are just fodder to clean up the mess with.

    And courtney love – disgusting!

    They were also collecting feathers. I wonder if it was only inmate chickens that were affected. – Pure Evyl

  2. They need to come over to my house.
    I have all the hair they need near my shower stall drain…
    Personally, I’d help out but I have nothing to give (and I mean nothing). As for Courtney Love, she’s always been an ugly suckbag with bad hair anyway, IMHO…


    ‘Suckbag’, now that is an excellent term. – Pure Evyl

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