Weekly Search Term Roundup

Yippee Ki Yay, Motherfuckers!!! It is once again time for the Weekly Search Term Roundup. And this week’s search terms finding this site proves once again that the netosphere is one sick fucking world. Here are a few of this weeks outstanding stand outs.

  • I want a nice cock to suck on
  • mommy wants to suck your big cock
  • bugger boy
  • fuck
  • how to give a sperm sample
  • pure blowjobs
  • blowjobs + dentures
  • ass tour
  • blowjob of hell
  • gummers
  • fuck you haiku
  • cock in raccoons
  • tampons drugged ass
  • ass lovers fuck
  • sign my nutsack
  • funny denture stories
  • dentures cunt
  • I told him I love to suck cock
  • biggest idiot in politics
  • suck my cunt
  • bat bitch
  • brother in law jacking off
  • I want to suck all cocks
  • blowjob teeth candy
  • mouthful of cum
  • bitches being choked on cock
  • what is it like to suck cock
  • sis suck my cock

This week besides the usual cornucopia of denture blowjob entries had two of the terms feeling an intense pride in my work. It seems that the search engines have decided that I am a veritable ‘Ask Jeeves for Twisted Fucks.’ As two questions were posed; ‘How to give a sperm sample?’ and ‘What is it like to suck cock?’. I hope they received their answers and if the second questioner isn’t satisfied with the answer, then I only have one thing to say. If you are a female of legal age then you may e-mail me at purefnevyl@yahoo.com and I can be available for private consultations. I am just that caring and giving.

2 Responses to “Weekly Search Term Roundup”

  1. Hey Evyl, looks like ‘fuck you haiku’ is taking off as its own genre. I knew it would. 😉

    Isn’t that amazing? What a legacy to leave behind! – Pure Evyl

  2. Sign my nutsack? lololol…


    That is a good one. I wonder what one would use to autograph a nutsack? As long as it wasn’t with a tattoo needle, I would love to get the sigs of The Pussycat Dolls. – Pure Evyl

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