Weekly Search Term Roundup

Whoop-a-di-doo!!! Once again it is my favorite day of the week. It is time to look at the sick and twisted terms that have helped some pervert find their way to this humble and loveable blog.

  • Nazi Hell
  • mouthful blowjob
  • how to feel feminine
  • lick my ass blog
  • blowjob from hell
  • cock pulling
  • heat wave cum in my ass
  • philippine cunt blog
  • Christie Brinkley Panties
  • gummer giving blowjobs
  • ‘he was jacking off’ brother
  • women with dentures in porn
  • denture fetish
  • jacking off with brother in law, gay
  • suck his nutsack
  • how to suck cock
  • sick blowjob
  • fucked up disgusting wallpaper
  • I love to jack off my cock
  • my denture adventure
  • suck my ass
  • proctologists are a pain in the ass
  • ‘energy drink’ cock cum
  • ride my big hard cock shaft
  • haiku fuck ass
  • smile my ass
  • kiss my ass
  • rip my ass
  • how does on fuck and suck a cunt
  • how to suck cock
  • blowjob blog
  • Who wants to suck my cock

I am amazed to learn that someone is searching for an energy drink derived from male ejaculate. Maybe some jerk off shot his wad in some butt pirate’s Red Bull.

2 Responses to “Weekly Search Term Roundup”

  1. As far as the drink goes, could it be Demon Semen?


    That is one helluva name for it. You should market it. I wonder how much one would have to pay their employees to make up a big batch. – Pure Evyl

  2. Hey, what’s up with Nazi Hell? You going political on us, Evyl? 😉

    I believe that the search took them to a post entitled Grammer Nazi Hell, where I made fun of another bloggers piss poor spelling attempts. For as you know I am never political. – Pure Evyl

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