Good News Needledick

Poor pencil dicks worldwide are celebrating right now. A revolutionary new surgery promises average cocks for everyone. Just what the world needs; more average dicks.

Click here for the story.

P.S. I loved the web address of small surgery. It is the little things in life that crack me the fuck up.

3 Responses to “Good News Needledick”

  1. It’d be a bitch if after surgery everytime you raise your hand, your dick goes up…

    I keep thinking of the old R&B tune, Pump up the Jams. – Pure Evyl

  2. My momma, my mom, my momma said that having a small penis was the devil’s work.

    I always heard it was idle hands. Maybe they go together. -Pure Evyl

  3. Good news for needledick the bug fucker!!

    So how do you feel about it Gerry? – Pure Evyl

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