Short Halftime

It is now halftime of the Notre Dame – Michigan State game. One thing that I must say is fucked in the game is the Notre Dame mascot. The putz that is dressed up in the leprechaun suit has to be six foot tall. What the flying fuck is with this shit? Don’t they have any damned midgets in South Bend? I think they should have a special scholarship for midget mascots at Notre Dame to wear the leprechaun suit. It is high time that this happens and that is the long and short of the situation.

3 Responses to “Short Halftime”

  1. At least there’s no worries about a mess. Colorado brought their 1000 lb buffalo with them to the Georgia game this week. Wonder who got to scoop up the giant crap that monster must have made on the sideline at some point in the game.

    I would imagine that many Bulldog fans would be busy scooping the crap from their own pants after that squeeker of a victory. – Pure Evyl

  2. That’s a really BIG leprechaun! What’s Next, maybe have a 3 ft. Green Giant!

    They did have Sprout. – Pure Evyl

  3. Yes, it was pretty ugly and I’m surprised I didn’t have a mess to clean up in the recliner as poor Hubby was in quite an uproar before that last 40 seconds. Whew!

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