Weekly Search Term Roundup

Rest assured people, I am still getting on average about a dozen searches per day regarding toothless blowjobs and denture adventures. I decided not to list any of them specifically this week in order to bring you the rest of the crazy search terms that brought in the freaks and friends to this humble lovable blog.

  • you learn something new every day
  • hand fucking the penis witness pictures
  • how to suck cocks
  • the biggest cock goes up my ass
  • my masterbation
  • nutsack sucking
  • what is a blowjob
  • kiss my cunt
  • coconut butter for dentures
  • blogspot sucks
  • cock sucking bitches from hell
  • kiss my crack
  • fuck butter
  • dumbass haikus
  • how to shave my cunt
  • medical masterbation
  • love haiku
  • cock suck cunt
  • depressed heartbroken sad lonely
  • fuck haiku
  • Brad Pitt is short
  • twisted blowjobs
  • vacuum pump balls masterbation
  • hot mommy wants it in the ass
  • drugged
  • jack off
  • bitch suck cum
  • pure cock
  • brother in law cunt sex story
  • giving a sperm sample how
  • how to suck a cunt
  • nice cock
  • someone to suck my cock
  • married to a crazy bitch
  • I like to suck my cock
  • fellatio teeth guard
  • cum in your eyes
  • why do I like to suck cock?
  • cow sucking cock
  • suck your cock and swallow your semen

A few of these really stand out for me. In the first place, I really wonder who doesn’t know what the fuck a blowjob entails. In the second place, I have heard of many types of beastiality but never a cow sucking a cock. I have heard of the old torture technique of Pancho Villa as he would bind prisoners and have a suckling calf suck his cock. It was said that it was pleasureable at first but then as the calf got tired of sucking without any milk and increased to maximum suction, the pain was a great incentive to give up any information. And lastly, if I really did know the trick to sucking my own cock, do you really think that I would have any fucking time to write on a stupid ass blog.

3 Responses to “Weekly Search Term Roundup”

  1. That calf thing may be of some use to the CIA to interrogate detainees at Gitmo to get information have to run that one by Dubya….

    Those sick fucktards might just enjoy it. – Pure Evyl

  2. Depressed, heartbroken, sad, lonely is the winner for me this week, Evyl. Have you been doing a lonely-hearts blog on the side that I don’t know about? 😉

    You know me. Just Mr. Sensitive. – Pure Evyl

  3. Evyl-
    A Craftmatic bed may ultimately satisfy your craving for self-gratification.
    Just put it on the ‘V’ setting and your dreams may come true.
    Or so I’ve heard…

    Thanks for the advice. That you heard, yeah right. – Pure Evyl

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