Fast On This Douchebags

As Ramadan falls over Guantanamo, the Muslim terrorists will be allowed a double portion of food after sundown and a nutritious breakfast before sunrise, both meals blessed by an imam, in order to be able to observe their ritual fasting.

How fucking nice. Does any bleeding heart douchebag believe that these fucking murderers would allow a similar privalige to any of their captives? If anyone does then just go over there wearing an ‘I Love Bush’ tee shirt and give it a fucking whirl.

Click here for a story of Ramadan at Guantanamo.

4 Responses to “Fast On This Douchebags”

  1. It’s stuff like this that makes me scratch my head and say, “WTF!?”
    I’m on the rant bus and sitting right next to you, Evyl…

    And don’t forget they will get all their precious special candies. And they will still bitch about their ‘poor’ treatment. – Pure Evyl

  2. I’ll give them some special candy.
    How’s about a big heaping plate of “shut the fuck up” served with a steamin’ plate of deep-fried grundle hair?
    There I go, ranting again…


  3. They have called on their sick minds 2 attack americans during ramadon, once again, only this time, they have called on their scientists 2 test their sick bio-chem weapons on us…. I say we get ’em while their ass’s are bent towards the sky…

  4. That shit pisses me off, here’s my ticket for the rant bus…

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