Terrorists Strike Blow Against More Toons

The first attack went unnoticed as a terrorist attack but with the second strike, it is confirmed. Terrorists are going after our ‘toons. First went Popeye with the e-coli tainted spinach. Now Bugs Bunny and Mr. Rabbitt from The Hundred Acre Wood have been attacked. Botulism Tainted Carrot Juice has caused these beloved toons to become paralyzed. We must stop this scourge. What the fuck will be next, if we don’t stop it now?

Targets for future Jihadist attacks:

  • Pooh Bear’s honey pots poisoned with salmonella.
  • Sponge Bob’s crabby patties laced with hepatitis.
  • The Cookie Monster is given arsenic chip cookies.
  • And no Toon will be safe from the dreaded suicide pie in the face bomb.

Homeland Security must be more vigilant in protecting our toons. It is a moral prerogative.

4 Responses to “Terrorists Strike Blow Against More Toons”

  1. surely PETA will step in with the ACLU and file a lawsuit in their behalf? LOL.

    It couldn’t hurt. – Pure Evyl

  2. ..and letttuce…. can’t 4 get that!

    Big lettuce at that. – Pure Evyl

  3. This post tops them all, I think I’m in love…

    Thanks darlin’ back at cha. – Pure Evyl

  4. Get Roger Rabbit on the phone immediately!
    And while you’re at it, tell Jessica I love her…


    Maybe she’s just drawn that way but I would like to do some finger painting. – Pure Evyl

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