Weekly Search Term Roundup

Well slap my ass Mango. It is once more time to take a look back at the week it was in search terms.

  • kiss after cum
  • advice on lick vagina
  • snowball kiss
  • masterbation jack off sex picture
  • fuck
  • swallow it down
  • cocksucking bitches
  • squeeze balls during masterbation
  • genius is idiot
  • wife husband snowball cum kiss story
  • needledick
  • famous asshole
  • ugly bitches who love cock
  • hawaian songs for funerals
  • worst funeral songs
  • why hide masterbation women
  • blowjob blog
  • heartbroken depressed lonely
  • gross cock
  • why does cock taste nice
  • bubbles cum
  • Beth Chapman titties
  • Acquired Knowledge
  • Deepthroat a kielbasa
  • scholarships for midgets

That is quite a diverse list this week. I would nearly wager that no where else on the web will you find stories that run the gambit from midget scholarships to deepthroating a kielbasa or from fellatio advice to acquired knowledge. But I have to wonder why someone needs to know about a gross cock. I probably am better off being in the dark on that one.

4 Responses to “Weekly Search Term Roundup”

  1. I see you got a hit from my comment on Beth Chapman. Welcome to the club…

    Thanks, Bruce. I am trying hard not to feel too elitist belonging in the club. – Pure Evyl

  2. scholarships for midgets
    You philanthropic bastard you.
    why does cock taste nice?
    Let’s hope that was a female searching Google. . .


    One can only hope. – Pure Evyl

  3. This seems to be a hot topic!

    Nevertheless, what freaks!

    Thank god for the freaks or I would not have a readership for shit. – Pure Evyl

  4. Scholarships for midgets. Evyl have you been teaching the little people again?
    I dare not ask the subject matter. 😉

    It’s probably for the best. – Pure Evyl

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