Weekly Search Term Roundup

I can’t believe it. It seems like the week has flown by but it is once more time for Weekly Search Term Roundup. The weekly post that celebrates the freaks that have found their way to my happy little home on the net. So without further adieu here are this weeks winning search terms.

  • asshole quotes
  • jack off unconscious
  • Christie Brinkley panties
  • compression check
  • saggin’
  • dress like Cheech and Chong for Halloween
  • ripping cocks
  • free marriage advice
  • marriage quotes
  • cock suck with calf
  • nutsack stroking
  • lazy toon
  • lick my ass
  • how to fondle cock of lover
  • it’s worth a shot
  • masturbation and marriage
  • rug munching
  • braless bitches
  • perfect deep throat masters
  • joy stick up the ass
  • perfect lover how to
  • johnny wadd quotes
  • proverbs about marriage
  • suck my cock faster patrick
  • haiku about virgins
  • how to give the perfect blowjob

It seems that the engines are giving me way to much credit regarding marital advice, but I wonder how the fuck that joy stick up the ass phrase came in. Is this some kind of sick twisted Atari-dildo retro sex fetish? If so I need some fucking pics!!! And thanks to the searcher who gave me an idea for this weeks haiku.

4 Responses to “Weekly Search Term Roundup”

  1. As always, an impressive list.
    Sorry I haven’t been around much lately.
    Busy as a one-armed paper hanger.
    I’m on vaca this week so I plan on catching up.

    I know the feeling. I am going to try and catch up today myself. – Pure Evyl

  2. I am surprised you did not say “suck my cock faster patrick” is a quote from a famous yellow sponge.

    Good one! – Pure Evyl

  3. U’r known for sooo many famous lines!
    Awwwww, leave poor sponge-bob outta this!
    ‘ ]

    He just has so many holes in him that it is hard to resist a good poke every now and then. – Pure Evyl

  4. I was wondering who Patrick was…

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