After not quite three months at my current job, I was training a new employee today. I overheard this guy call me a smartass to some fellow employees. Ahhh, vindication for a lifetime of devotion to the art of becoming a smartass. Perhaps I have given this guy something to shoot for. As of right now, he is firmly rooted in the dumbass category. I can only tell him to dare to dream.

3 Responses to “Vindication”

  1. In my last job, it only took about 6 months before someone called me an asshole. I was so proud…

    Congrats. – Pure Evyl

  2. Oh, I’m the resident Bitch and Nazi. Two titles, I’m indeed proud.

    Nazi, now there’s a title that I can shoot for. – Pure Evyl

  3. I’ve been called a smartass at work myself. Ahhh, nothing like job satisfaction!!

    Ain’t it grand. – Pure Evyl

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