I Wonder

Do certain aliens specialize in anal probing or do they just draw for that work assignment? And is it considered a good duty assignment or a bad one?

4 Responses to “I Wonder”

  1. Are you talking about democrats?

    Still in mourning I take it. – Pure Evyl

  2. LOL – afraid so. Sorry sweetie, did I offend you? You know I’m just funning ya.

    It would take quite a bit more than that to offend me darlin’. – Pure Evyl

  3. Maybe they have a cool phrase for it like ‘probing for human ass candy’. Very interesting thought, Evyl.
    Then again, I would expect no less from a guy that always makes me think ‘outside the box’.

    Most of the time my mind is in the box. So to speak. – Pure Evyl

  4. Good question. Wonder if it’s a coveted job title?

    Since they normally hit trailer parks I would guess that they give the job to the alien who has pissed off the saucer supervisor. – Pure Evyl

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