The Times They Are Getting Dumber

Where are the Al Capone’s, the Lucky Luciano’s, the Bugsy Siegal’s, criminals with a plan, cajones, and street smarts. Today’s criminals seem to be on an eternal quest for supreme stupidity.

To prove my point, in Wichita, Kansasa 23 year old waste of cum in a bungled attempt at kidnapping a teen over a damned set of stereo speakers accidentally fired his weapon and shot his left testicle. Then as an extra added bonus of boneheadedness cringed and caused the weapon to discharge again and blow off a chunk of his left calf.

Maybe this guy will do enough time to take a remedial criminals course in how to pull off a job without blowing your fucking nuts off. He better hope so because being known as The  One Nut Wonder from Wichita is infinitely better than being The No Cojanos Kansan .

Click here for the news story.

5 Responses to “The Times They Are Getting Dumber”

  1. i was going to link to this but now i’m glad i didn’t….you did a MUCH better job giving him shit than i would have..he won’t need the nuts in prison anyway, all he needs is tits on his back 🙂

    I agree. He has prison bitch wrote all over him. – Pure Evyl

  2. I’ve been to Wichita so that story doesn’t surprise me one bit…he he, one bit.

    But what would the Wichita Lineman think? – Pure Evyl

  3. So did he get the speakers?

    I think only the tweeters. His bass is gone now. – Pure Evyl

  4. Give that man a ‘Darwin’…

    It is too bad that it cannot be awarded posthumously. – Pure Evyl

  5. apparently he just didn’t have enough balls to pull it off. 😉

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