Famous Prisoners Throughout History

Brian “Toucan Sam” Bangs, Idaho Dept. Of Corrections, is well known throughout penal institutions nationwide for his awe inspiring ability to pack two cans of rolling tobacco up his wazoo. I salute Toucan for bringing new meaning to the term “junk in his trunk.”

7 Responses to “Famous Prisoners Throughout History”

  1. and new meaning to the term barge arse as well 🙂

    Another good turn of phrase would be one smoking piece of ass. – Pure Evyl

  2. How is that even possible? Obviously, he no longer needs luggage!

  3. So is he a guard or an inmate, and does he get paid for his demonstrations? Bet he’s a hit at the talent show!

  4. Duh, I didn’t even read the title! LOL.

    Nothing like a good title. I was thinking of ‘Even Fag’s Cringe Over This One.’ – Pure Evyl

  5. At least it’s not a gerbil…

    Or a bunny rabbit. – Pure Evyl

  6. Sounds like a big asshole to me.
    Bangs, as well…

    I bet he has no trouble with constipation. – Pure Evyl

  7. Wow, now who is smoking that crap? 😉

    At the current rate of 3 dollars per rolled cigarette. Lotsa inmates. – Pure Evyl

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