Fuck You Haiku Twenty

Mrs. Claus’s Favorite Elf

Simply Orgasmic

Gets pleasure giving pleasure

She’s the sex toy elf.

8 Responses to “Fuck You Haiku Twenty”

  1. if it’s okay with you, i’ll just call her myrna. 😉

    Sounds good to me! – Pure Evyl

  2. evyl, no one can do pure and frank sensuality like you.

    You say the sweetest things!!! BTW, who’s Frank? – Pure Evyl

  3. oooohhh…a little bit of christmas…sweet, and nice to see someone think about mrs claus for a change 🙂

    That’s me, sweet is my middle name. ( almost ) – Pure Evyl

  4. strangely enough i believe you 🙂

    Of course, Why would I lie? My first name is Pure after all. – Pure Evyl

  5. i’m picturing a blonde betty boop-like girly with the body of jessica rabbit LOL wooh! that’s some sex toy elf!

    But really short. – Pure Evyl

  6. If it’s Mrs. Claus favorite elf…..
    Shouldn’t it be male, ya’know, all buff ~n~ Hot ~n~ Horney……… or is Mrs. Claus a ‘lil (ya know)


    Living with a bunch of elves in tight leotards is bound to make her a ‘lil (ya know). – Pure Evyl

  7. :)hahahahahahahaaaaaa!

    Thanks. – Pure Evyl

  8. What the fuck happened?
    My pussy doesn’t feel good.
    Batteries are dead.

    –Smith 8)

    ps: does “orgasm” contain two or three syllables? discuss amongst yourselves.

    I guess it would depend on the length of the orgasm. – Pure Evyl

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