Beauty Is In The Eye Of The Beerholder


Mrs. America + Vanessa Williams + Nude Lesbian Pic’s = Canned / Movie and Music Career

Mrs. USA + Tara Conner + Underage Drinking = Rehab / Probable Obscurity

The future will tell the full story but I would think that if Tara gets a sex tape on the market then she might be able to salvage a career.

Click here for the scoop.

7 Responses to “Beauty Is In The Eye Of The Beerholder”

  1. Ha! I don’t know what 2 make of this one!
    Trump–Give me a break!
    What? Is he jealous she wasn’t party’ing with him?
    (I bet that’s EXACTLY what it is)
    …he needs to get over himself!!!

    Guess what hon? U are My Next tag—
    (thank me later, haha) Go HERE for all the details!!!


    He also needs to quit trying to make the combover in style.

    I will check out the tag but I am not going to guarentee fulfilling it. Most tags are just TMI. – Pure Evyl

  2. maybe he’s trying to get lucky??? but then again, you can accomplish anything with a couple of bags i guess…gotta be one of THE most unattractive men i’ve ever laid eyes on! he’s not been hit by the ugly stick he’s the whole fucking ugly tree! YUK! 😯

    You said it!!! – Pure Evyl

  3. looking back on that comment i’m thinking i need new glasses! from “but then again…..” should have been AFTER the ugly stick…DUH maureen!!!
    have i managed to confuse you, cos i’ve confused myself….

    I think it works grammatically either way. He’s fugly that part of the message is undisputable. – Pure Evyl

  4. Who among us hasn’t posed for naked lesbian pictures, or had a drug and drink… er, nevermind; pay no attention to the man behind the curtain.

    I am just waiting to get famous so I can make a mint out of my male lesbian pic’s. – Pure Evyl

  5. Trump has definitely been hit with the ugly stick more than once. And his hair must have its own name – I vote for Benny. 😉

    Benny is a good moniker. He needs to give it up and go for the Shatner Turbo 2000. – Pure Evyl

  6. lmfao wc…now there’s an idea…evyl, you should run a poll on what to name that arrangement..

  7. awww, but she has such a sweet soul and is such a good person, and the Don should know cuz he has known her all of what, 5 minutes? whatever!
    god, that pic of Vanessa Williams… i remember when that happened even though i was a kid. i don’t remember her looking that rough… yuck! some things definitely do get better with age… uh, not the Don though.

    I was going to post one of the more X rated pics but I decided that would make it to easy for search term pervs to get their hands on them. Let them search like I did. – Pure Evyl

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