Fuck I Hate Tags

I hate being tagged. In the first place who the flying fuck came up with this bullshit idea and secondly why do people keep doing it? In the former I have no idea but I would like to kick them in the genitals if I could find out. In the latter I suppose that some people actually like doing them, and some people do them because they haven’t anything else to write about, but I am doing it because Starbender asked and she is just so damned sweet  that I am doing it but in my own fashion. The Tag was to go to page 123 of the closest book and count down five sentences then write verbatim the next three and list the title and author.

Here’s the deal. I am going to page 123 write down lines six through ten and the first person that can name me the title of the poem, book, and author has my undying admiration.

He doesn’t have a place to put a collar.

And I’ll admit it’s rather hard to lead him,

And he cannot hear you call

For he has no ears at all.

But it doesn’t cost a single cent to feed him.

Bet you all thought that it would be a joke from a copy of Hustler. But what’s your guess?

13 Responses to “Fuck I Hate Tags”

  1. double tail dog

    Would you like to buy a dog with a tail at either end?
    He is quite the strangest dog there is in town.
    Though he’s not too good at knowing
    just exactly where he’s going,
    He is very very good at sitting down.
    He doesn’t have a place to put a collar,
    And I’ll admit it’s rather hard to lead him,
    And he cannot hear you call
    For he has no ears at all,
    But it doesn’t cost a single cent to feed him.

    He cannot bite, he’ll never bark or growl,
    Just scratch him on his tails, he’ll find it pleasing.
    But you’ll have to take him out
    For twice as many walks,
    And I’ll bet that you can quickly guess the reason.

    do i get an elephant stamp???? 🙂

    Damn that was quick!!! You are a friggin’ genius and have won my undying admiration. Congrats!!! – Pure Evyl

  2. The Giving Tree or

    Where The Sidewalk Ends or

    A Light in the Attic

    have to be honest, not sure which one it comes from but i did find it all the same….hehehehehe…

    I will wait to give the answer to the correct book. But you do have a one in three shot. – Pure Evyl

  3. the quick and the dead downunder….i have an advantage…lot of your readers will be in bed…the middle of the day for us..
    let me have a think then i’ll see if i can guess the right one…i’m assuming at least half an elephant stamp is winging it’s way to me by email as i type then???

    How does one give half of an elephant stamp? I have to give it my all!!!- Pure Evyl

  4. LMFAO…..i’ll pay that….just freaking brilliant!!!!

    Thought that you would like it. 😉

    To get off the subject a bit, how does one get a larger view of that user pic of yours? – Pure Evyl

  5. hmmm…let me check out where i got it (wish i could say it’s a self portrait…but alas…) 😦

    I would think that it would be difficult to paint yourself from behind. – Pure Evyl

  6. have mirror, can do ANYTHING…but i didn’t….trying to find out where i got it….am at work so she who must be obeyed is looking on puter at home…i’m searching anyway…i’ll find out where it is, i do know it was one of those free avatar sites…just can’t remember if it was a fairy or fanatasy…i’ll find it but, persitance beats resistance….

    Where there’s a will there’s a way. That’s why I haven’t told my wife where I have my will. Her way might be painful. Pure Evyl

  7. ok…here’s the link
    it’s on the front page

    They really have some cool avatars on that site. – Pure Evyl

  8. Anonymum, why does this not surprise me? (rotflmfao)
    You are a font of information.


    Can you believe that shit. Another Silverstein fan. How’d have thought it? – Pure Evyl

  9. you know i would have guessed something by silverstein, i loved him as a kid. good work anonymum!

    I did as well. And many of them stand up as adult fare. Especially if you read between the lines. – Pure Evyl

  10. oh, like my avatar?? i was a little late on that train but i caught up and jumped on….

    Cool avatar. It makes me want to suck down a margerita. – Pure Evyl

  11. That’s a little freaky.
    Hey, come see me, you’re on my gift list!

    Cool gift but you know what I really want, darlin’. 😉 – Pure Evyl

  12. “where the sidewalk ends” 🙂

    Excellent!!! I knew that you would find it. – Pure Evyl

  13. Some of my favorite reading, Silverstein!

    And how the heck do you get an avatar on WP?

    Glad to find another Silverstein fan. As for the avatar. On the wp dashboard go to users then your profile then upload and crop your pic. It sounds like a pain but it is virtually painless. – Pure Evyl

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