Weekly Search Term Roundup: With Christmas Thoughts


Without fanfare, since it needs no introduction, here’s this weeks list.

  • famous cocks
  • christmas pick up quote
  • proverb ‘after you swallow it’
  • fuzzy beaver
  • fuck popular granny
  • strange masterbation
  • nun masterbation
  • gay nutsack
  • cock kielbasa
  • sis just sucked my cock tonight
  • christmas cocksucking bitches
  • fight the need for masterbation
  • nun cum
  • masterbation fun
  • misery in marraige
  • dick beaters
  • crossdresser nuns
  • love wedgie
  • meth masterbation
  • mistletoe pick up line
  • rug munching techniques
  • Indian penis
  • panties soaked
  • mrs usa nude
  • what does sucking cock taste like
  • huge cocks
  • the joys of masterbation
  • perfect lover
  • mariah carey boobs pop out

Now that the list is over, here is just a simple thought. When buying a gift of a sexual nature, it might be prudent to try it out ahead of time. Last year, I bought my wife some of that edible body butter. I had her unwrap it on Christmas Eve after Santa had come and gone. Needless to say we put it in use shortly thereafter. Damn did that shit suck. It was like giving a rim job to someone who had just taken a two-flush no-wipe dump.

Merry Christmas Everyone!!!

3 Responses to “Weekly Search Term Roundup: With Christmas Thoughts”

  1. *proverb ‘after you swallow it’*
    never heard this proverb before…maybe i need to get out a bit more?? 😉

    I think the next line of the proverb states that once you get over the gag reflex, it’s all good. – Pure Evyl

  2. Oh Evyl, Christmas just ain’t Christmas without your wit.
    Merry Christmas!

    Thanks, darlin’. Hope you’ve had a merry one! – Pure Evyl

  3. i’ll take your word for it 😯

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