Do Buddha Bongs Create Enlightenment?


The Buddha Boy is back. After a nine month sabbatical in the jungle, a teenage boy that many consider the reincarnation of Buddha has managed to return from the forest. A local journalist that has spoke with the boy stated, ‘I don’t think he is a Buddha but he has some sort of extra power to meditate. He eats herbs.’

Now that I think of it, maybe I was a Buddha when I was in my early twenties. Buddha knows that I had extra powers of meditating under the influence of herbs. But then again I never ate the shit. I always had enough sense to have a cigarette lighter to reach enlightenment.

Click pic for enlightenment.

2 Responses to “Do Buddha Bongs Create Enlightenment?”

  1. nothing wrong with a bit of meditation i always thought…not convinced i was Buddha but i did come close quite a few times….

    And too many munchies will at least give a person the body of a Buddha. – Pure Evyl

  2. In my eyes, Buddha you are, always will be. (sortof)

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