The FDA is now allowing cloned animals to be used as food. I can see it now. McDonald’s will search and find their perfect specimen to make burgers out of. McCow will be bred so that all McDonald burgers will taste even more exactly the same. Taco Bell will breed taco cows. Applebee’s will have their Applebeast. Every chain will have their meat animal cloned to be exactly the same.

Maybe it will make things better if they find a tasty critter and use it over and over again but as for me, I think that I would just as soon eat some fucking roadkill. It would just plain suck ass if every damn thing tasted exactly the damn same. It would be like eating Spam for every meal.

Click here for the scoop.

2 Responses to “Cloneburgers”

  1. nice to know you can count on chew and spew to come up with some of THE most fucked ideas around isn’t it? kfc will jump on the bandwagon with a 6 legged chook next(then with a bit of luck they won’t be able to catch it…hehehehehe)

    I have an idea for crossing a worm with a cow in order to make an animal that would be nothing but a T-Bone Steak from stem to stern only minus the bone. I would call it a Wow. – Pure Evyl

  2. Maybe they could clone some of the fucknuts that work there as well.
    They just need to make sure the clones know how to do simple math…


    You might be asking a little much but it’s worth a shot. – Pure Evyl

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