Another Beauty Pageant Dropout

Yet another beauty queen bit the big one as Ashley Harder, Miss New Jersey, had to resign since she was pregnant. But look on the bright side, Ashley. Perhaps you can trade in your tiara for a pregnancy piercing, or maybe even a stylish Belly Up, and if you are really proud of your belly try a belly cast.

On another note, I bet the proud papa to be is grinning like the Cheshire Cat. It isn’t everyday that you get to say that you knocked up a beauty queen.

Click here for more info.

2 Responses to “Another Beauty Pageant Dropout”

  1. I have to admit…when I first heard about it, I wanted to try the belly cast when I was pregnant last year…Then my oldest son asked if he could use it later as a sled in the winter. So much for the soft moment 😛

    In all fairness to your son it would make for a great sled. – Pure Evyl

  2. I’m betting The Donald is the baby daddy…

    So Trump made the bump. I like that theory. – Pure Evyl

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