Becoming Bi-Lingual

A couple of Hispanic Texas inmates are training an illegal alien inmate to speak enough English in order to answer questions in English to INS officials. Today they showed me some of what they are teaching him. They asked me to ask him where he is from. He answered, ‘I leev in Texas now, beech.’

I am sure INS is going to absolutely love this guy.

5 Responses to “Becoming Bi-Lingual”

  1. Well that’s better than what I got when I asked the guy installing about 5K worth of granite counters in my kitchen.

    He probably was stoned. – Pure Evyl

  2. I especially liked the beech part. Do you think INS will think he is asking to go see the coastal shoreline?

    You never really know about those guys. – Pure Evyl

  3. Is Texas not near the beach, me no understand…no really, its hot there in texas, quid pro quo seaside, sand, beach, makes perfect sense to me, I’ve seen American movies, always a beach scene

    Except for Grapes of Wrath. – Pure Evyl

  4. he leeves there huh? good, i’m sure they’ll be glad to see him go LOL

    Gotta luv it! – Pure Evyl

  5. And just who is he calling beech?

    Just for a little follow up, I found out today that he is teaching a white boy to sing mariachi music. It is funny as hell to hear. – Pure Evyl

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