Weekly Search Term Roundup: 03-03-07


Yee-Mutherfuckin’-Haw, once again it is time for the post with the most. There is no need for me to elaborate on with the damned list.

  • granny needs the cock
  • priceless tuck your testicles
  • shortbus movie
  • crazy quotes for global warming
  • famous assholes
  • love and marraige
  • cocks of famous people
  • haikus by famous people
  • masterbation humiliation
  • female thoughts during masterbation
  • riddle me this
  • perfect lover
  • famous people with bangs
  • braless and loving it
  • nun toons
  • the best masterbation tricks
  • I work with morons
  • marraige guidance
  • slap the balls game
  • destroyed by masterbation addiction
  • stats on unattractive men and love
  • urine sample jacking off
  • boob toons
  • dentures in her cunt

I don’t think that I have ever actually scene stats regarding butt ugly dickbeaters and love but I truly believe in the old adage for every butt ugly dickbeater there is a nasty assed scag. That is why the supply of ugly sumbitches will never run out. In my estimation just from daily observances, I believe that there are more ugly people today than ever before. I wonder if I should do a web search and see if ugly people breed at a greater rate than attractive people? But I will damn sure will not do an image search on that subject.

6 Responses to “Weekly Search Term Roundup: 03-03-07”

  1. Dentures in her cunt.

    Ha! Lovin it.

    So did Granny. – Pure Evyl

  2. I love the toon.
    I used to work in a nightclub that had a very interesting bathroom.
    Above the mirror is the men’s room was simple thought written in indelible back marker that read: No wonder you always go home alone


    Nothing like great graffiti. – Pure Evyl

  3. You’re famous? 😉

    I don’t know about famous although I do aspire to be infamous. – Pure Evyl

  4. Are you sure it isn’t ‘famous people who bang’? not famous people with bangs? I’m searching my memory banks and for the life of me can’t remember a post like that. LOL.

    Neither could I. Weird. – Pure Evyl

  5. So me and a buddy of mine are out drinking one night and I cut out early and he is begging me to keep bar hopping but I’m friggin tired and head home. The next day he calls me and regales me with tales of the preceding evenings events after my departure. He gets to the part where he met and hit it off with a really hot “performer” chick from one of the clubs.
    “Performer?” I thought to myself. I am familiar with all of the downtown clubs and was trying to figure out wich one has performers…
    I asked him the location. He told me.
    The little light bulb came on.
    “Dude, that was a man” I told him
    “No” he exclaimed, “it was a chick.”
    So I had to explain to him that the club he patronized was a gay club and on the night in question, as every Thursday night, they have a drag show (pretty good one too, as I had seen it several times).
    He protested
    I insisted
    He said he had to go as he was feelijng ill
    He hung up
    I laughed.

    Good times.

    That is good times indeed!!! – Pure Evyl

  6. dentures in her cunt… hmmm… someone was missing those the next morning! hope they have good dental insurance!
    oh, btw, did you see the joke i posted for you on my blog? i hope so!

    It was great!!! – Pure Evyl

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