Maybe Pink Boxers Do Have An Effect

The boxers issued to inmates in most Texas prisons are dyed pink. It is not done out of any type of punishment but is done to limit theft of prison issue boxers after the release of the inmate. Not many men would steal pink boxers.

I never thought of the effect that the pink boxers would have on inmates until today. An inmate asked me if I could talk to maintenance about the television channels. He stated that Channel 32 was not working. I asked him what network Channel 32 was. He was hesitant in telling me but I was curious so I told him that I wouldn’t mention it to them unless he told me what it was. He reluctantly told me it was Oxygen.

Now I am really wondering if the pink boxers have a long term effect.

9 Responses to “Maybe Pink Boxers Do Have An Effect”

  1. I bet those pink pannies are dead seeeexy!

    All his cellie’s say so. – Pure Evyl

  2. He must have been in serious ‘Oprah’ withdrawal.
    Probably Jonesin’ Tyra too.
    Pink, eh?
    Oh, man…

    He said it was for the movies. I suppose those chick flick tv special movies have some sort of appeal. I just don’t see it myself, unless someone needed a Valerie Bertonelli fix. – Pure Evyl

  3. I wear pink boxers and watch Oxygen and my boyfriend sais I’m very manly…

    It does take a man very secure in his masculinity to wear pink. – Pure Evyl

  4. Thats pretty darn funny.
    My only question is did maintenance actually fix it?

    I don’t know that fixing anything is ever on maintenances list of things to do. – Pure Evyl

  5. i don’t think it’s the boxers, but maybe he IS someones bitch…

    Could be. – Pure Evyl

  6. But does he have the lacey teddy to go with them? And of course they are addicted to Oprah – the queen of victimhoods. Didn’t you know there is not one guilty man in all the prisons in all of the United States? They have all been framed. 😉

    It’s the evil D.A.’s with their damned plea bargains. 😉 – Pure Evyl

  7. And I thought pink boxers were only an Arpaio thing!

  8. singing grease showtunes and watching oxygen?? what kinda pussy filled prison you working in?

    It might seem that way but on Thursday while I was stripping out some new arrivals, I noticed that one guy had tattooed his cock. Now that takes some cojones. Although I do have to wonder about the tattoo artist. – Pure Evyl

  9. whats wrong with pink boxers my girlfriend likes them?????

    What does she wear them? – Pure Evyl

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