Weekly Search Term Roundup: 03-11-07


Like a breath of fresh air over the septic tank of the world wide web, it is once again time for a rehash of the week that was via search terms. Let’s roll.

  •  How to be a gentlemanly lover
  • How to give a great blow job
  • American faker
  • sperm
  • braless blog
  • pregnant beauties
  • I love you haikus
  • enlightenment lullaby
  • cock shortbus
  • women who love semen
  • menthol ciggies
  • Can nuns masterbate?
  • music lovers rejoice
  • large saggy
  • sick toons
  • maybe I was wrong
  • leprachaun love limerick
  • real boobs
  • famous pregnant people
  • famous people with side bangs
  • stinking throat
  • Mrs. Claus Boobs
  • peach masterbate
  • Where is Valerie Bertonelli?

I have to ask myself what large saggy items the one searcher was looking for. But then again, where is Valerie Bertonelli?

3 Responses to “Weekly Search Term Roundup: 03-11-07”

  1. Cock shortbus?
    What a great porno name.
    The ‘toon is reminiscent of Gary Larson.


  2. If she’s smart, she’s as far away as possible from that trainwreck of an ex-husband.
    And “famous people with side bangs”? Huh?

    I am with you on the famous side bangs. I have never to my knowledge mentioned either Elvis or Martin Van Buren. – Pure Evyl

  3. anonymum Says:

    flying visit (at work) great to see nothing has changed 🙂
    *Can nuns masterbate?* what a stupid bloody question that would be…the idiocy of some people just never ceases to amaze me….

    That’s so true not only does it never cease to amaze it never ceases to intrigue. – Pure Evyl

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