Maybe The Hippies Have Won


Colorado has recently adopted, John Denver’s, ‘Rocky Mountain High’ as it’s official state song. I thought so fucking what until I got to the part of the story where it stated that the legislative session that ended with the designation of a state anthem started with a choir singing, Kumbaya. Now I know that it isn’t the Rocky Mountains that these yo-yo’s are getting high on.

Click here for the scoop.

2 Responses to “Maybe The Hippies Have Won”

  1. Gotta be some rad weed.
    The link no longer brings you to the story regarding Rocky Mountain High but I get the idea.
    Kumbaya? Gaaad.
    I bet they were all holding hands too.
    Gives me the willies.

    It’s a shame the link shut down so quick. It was filled with some great one liners. – Pure Evyl

  2. the truly scary thing is these people are elected and payed by tax dollars and spend their time debating things like a state song. for fucks sake try debating how to feed everybody or at least how to legalize IT or something useful.
    The main problem with a republic will always be the politicians.

    Sad but true. – Pure Evyl

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