Memorable Mug Shot


One look at the mug shot from the jury and I seriously doubt that Anna Clifford can beat the drunk driving rap. But maybe she can claim that she is a biological spawn of a woman and a peacock. It just might work.

Click here for the scoop.

6 Responses to “Memorable Mug Shot”

  1. Oh, man.
    I’m wondering if one of my daughters would ever be this crazy.
    It’s just a stoopid doo.
    If you have to re-arrange your car to accomodate the mohawk what’s the sense?
    Peacock? Ugly woman?

    I bet her mother is proud. – Pure Evyl

  2. Yikes. I have no words. . other than yikes.

    And that just about covers it. – Pure Evyl

  3. I saw this in a thread on a few days ago. It’s as disturbing now as it was then…

    Disturbing is my fave. – Pure Evyl

  4. File under: what was she thinking?


    True. – Pure Evyl

  5. anabelsmith Says:

    LOL! Talk about a bad hairday, geez. It’s always amazed me that some people actually leave the house thinking that they look their very best. Now there’s a scrapbook picture for the grandkids, no? ~anabel

    And here I was hoping that she wouldn’t breed. But that is probably too much to ask for. – Pure Evyl

  6. Hey, who does her hair? I have some people I really hate, whom I’d like to send to that hairstylist. 😉 Oy!

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