Some Guys Just Can’t Get No Satisfaction


If a regular size Snicker’s bar satisfies then why the fuck do they make a King Size bar. My guess: the inventor of the King Size Snicker’s bar is a Chubby Chaser.

5 Responses to “Some Guys Just Can’t Get No Satisfaction”

  1. heheh . . a chubby chaser. I like Snickers. No, I love Snickers, and when I buy a King Size bar, it’s to be shared with someone.

    I luv Snicker’s as well as Caramello. I am a sucker for good caramel. – Pure Evyl

  2. I love snickers and yes kingsize and no I don’t share. And yes, I have a fat ass – but it takes all kinds, right?

    It does and praise be for that. – Pure Evyl

  3. Ooh, you’re stingy! tsk tsk ;]

    I have a fat ass too. And I LOVE it.

  4. i have a nice plump ass and my man LOVES it!

    Gotta luv a nice plump ass. – Pure Evyl

  5. anabelsmith Says:

    Interesting question, maybe they figured the kingsize would satisfy you for more than a day so you wouldn’t have to worry with eating for awhile. LOL Anabel

    Maybe so but it is my experience that an open wrapper is soon an empty wrapper. – Pure Evyl

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