Giving The People What They Want: Part Three


I am constantly getting searches dealing with big titties. A lot of them are dealing with Beth Chapman, wife of the famous bounty hunter. Well this pic has ol’ Beth beat by at least a half dozen bra sizes.

So for all you big tittie freak fans, Enjoy. And remember the old adage, be careful what you ask for, you just might get it.

18 Responses to “Giving The People What They Want: Part Three”

  1. i think my back went out, just looking at that picture. are you sure this isn’t a photoshop job? i just don’t know what else to say. 😆

    Photoshop or not it still makes me smile. – Pure Evyl

  2. Definitely photoshopped, gotta be!

    That’s just too . . yikes, I don’t know. I like em big, but holy sheep shit, tha’s a bit extreme. Could you imagine the nipples? You could chew on them suckers for days.

    I have seen silver dollar nipples but these must be the size of dinner platters. – Pure Evyl

  3. she could feed a whole third world country’s babies with that lot….but methinks photoshopped….

    Methinks that you may be right. – Pure Evyl

  4. It’s me cousin mayella from WESTERN aUSTRALIA- a fine woman, very nurturing!

    Could you get me her number? – Pure Evyl

  5. that is just soooo wrong on so many different levels. it’s gotta be photoshopped cuz NO bitch with titties like that would be smiling!

    You are most likely right. Those things have to be painful to carry around if they were real. – Pure Evyl

  6. I’m not positive but I think those things have their own zip codes…
    I think I could tie them up in a nice flesh bow.
    Ay Carrumba…


  7. You can tell it’s photoshopped because the breast on the left (her right) has a shadow from her face and it stretches all the way down to her knee. The lighting is all wrong.

  8. Obviously photoshopped, you can tell by the shadows, some are badly formed others non existent where there should be shadows.


    Yep, I have heard the arguments but it’s still a cool pic. – Evyl

  9. they dont curl round the knee right its a faken

    That seems to be the prevalent opinion. Thanks for commenting. – Evyl

  10. It’s obviously fake. The shadows aren’t right. The edge of the shadow her left thigh is in perfect focus, but the giant boob is not. Also, look where the right boob rests on her knee. The edge of the shadow created by the left side of her head should go straight across her right knee, but it doesn’t. At best, those are her boobs, but stretched in Photoshop.

    That seems to be the poll winner. – Evyl

  11. Dude those are the biggest breasts I have ever seen in my life! You would need a solid days work just to make your way around one of those titties! Sweet Lord!

    Ain’t that the truth. – Evyl

  12. Juice Williams Says:

    This shit is totally fake cuz. I mean pay attention to her
    Tits as they go over the knee. That shits took fake yo.
    But I give credit to whoever put this shit up cuz u got people
    Talking about it, even me.

    I bet that you are right. And thanks for popping in Juice. – Evyl

  13. I don’t get it….

    Sorry about that. Perhaps you should set your sights lower. – Evyl

  14. This is clearly photoshopped.. any amateur could tell you that. Look at the shadow on the left breast (her right) and knee, clearly faked. Sorry.

  15. I don’t know If its fake or not, but its sure a great turn on

  16. aaah—–! I’ll pass. I’ll stick to my fried chicken and white women.

  17. hi could hire you for modeling job for me can contact me job offer could ask any dvds of you to sell

  18. hi beth could buy one bras from you $200 dollars for rembering you

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