Stayin’ Stylish In The Slammer

One of the latest fads hitting a prison near you is the cock rock. Just like in the free world, where guys are getting silicone balls or stainless steel bb’s put under the skin on their peckers to (supposedly) give their partners that extra special boost of pleasure, in various jails and prisons, inmates are taking small rocks and placing them in their cocks. Usually, since the inmates do not boil the rock out long enough, they get a nasty infection.  I guess it is a price to pay for a well loved prison bitch.

7 Responses to “Stayin’ Stylish In The Slammer”

  1. ain’t love grand??
    and idiocy is endless…

    Kinda like ‘My Endless Love.’ – Pure Evyl

  2. Cock infection. Yumm.

    Yet another reason I like not having a cock.

    But at least it wasn’t yeasty. – Pure Evyl

  3. LMAO! I was so scared there was going to be a pic when I clicked over here from my rss reader….

    I tried to find an appropriate pic but I got sidetracked. That pic will make it as a Fuck You Haiku. – Pure Evyl

  4. I think I will stick with the old school defenition of “rock hard”…

    That would probably be safer. – Pure Evyl

  5. nothin says lovin like some rocks in your balls. and i thought i’d heard it all til now…

    And they say that there is nothing new under the sun. Old Solomon should have hung around a bit longer. – Pure Evyl

  6. Naughty Heather Says:

    is it wrong that i am kinda curious??

    Not at all. – Pure Evyl

  7. The things people will put up with just to make sex a little more interesting. Haven’t they ever heard of role-playing? LOL.

    They aren’t there for being creative. – Evyl

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