Happy Anniversary To Me


I never thought that I would be spouting this bullshit for this long. I blame it on all of you freaks. If you weren’t reading this shit then I wouldn’t be writing it. So it’s all your fucking fault. Does it keep you up at nights?

9 Responses to “Happy Anniversary To Me”

  1. well happy anniversary of evyl one 🙂
    perhaps you shouldn’t write so much that makes fricking sense???
    and i have to say some of the search terms are the stuff of nightmares, so i guess you can consider yourself a success 😉

    Thank you so very much. Every day that I retain a modicum of sanity in an insane world, I consider that a success. – Pure Evyl

  2. No way I’m the freak here buddy, it’s you. But that’s why we love you. We are all being freaky vicariously through your blog! I’m a freak and it’s all your fault…

    Luv ya too. And isn’t being a freak a whole lot more fun? – Pure Evyl

  3. Oh shit yeah!!!

    You make my heart proud. – Pure Evyl

  4. I’m no freak. No way, not me.

    Congrats! :]

    Thanks darlin’. And yeh, you’re a freak. And we all luv it. – Pure Evyl

  5. Aw Evyl, if I woulda known, I woulda baked a hostess pie or something for you! Happy anniversary you wild man. We all have a little freaky in us and you bring it out. I think you’ve found your calling, sweetheart – and now all is right with the world.
    Love ya, buddy!

    Thanks, Annie. It is always nice to be appreciated. – Pure Evyl

  6. Happy Anniversary, you sick bastard.
    One fleshlight on the cake? 😉
    keep rockin, dude…

    That’s just the way I roll. Thanks buddy!!! – Pure Evyl

  7. I missed my anniversary, am gunna try hard to remember my second so do you have that hand picture avialable for TWO years? 😉

    btw, happy b’day blog, a bloody good un

    Download and save. Gotta luv small fists doing obscene gestures. – Pure Evyl

  8. I blame myself. I take full responsibility.
    Now do you feel relieved?
    Keep the weirdness coming. We need to fight the normalization of society.

    Fighting normality is the highest calling that I can think of. Proud to do it. – Pure Evyl

  9. i’m so proud of you darling! it takes alot to keep us all entertained day after day, KUDOS!!

    Thanks, darlin’. – Pure Evyl

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